problem discovery
How might we make it easier for people to find and access healthcare services?
We held a series of workshops with the client to figure out what was missing in their product.

The client was launching a key feature that had to connect different people in various healthcare-related roles. By understanding people's latent needs, we were able to create a product that better served everyone involved.
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service blueprints
Service Blueprinting is an activity where we map out the entire service from different people’s perspective, and find out the overlapping points.

This activity tells us all of the different points the app needs to be designed for.
Service Blueprint illustration
Service Blueprint diagram
Service Blueprinting an Onboarding Flow
Customer journey map illustration
customer journey maps
Once we find out how different people behave in relation to the service through blueprinting, we figure out how the app needs to guide each person to complete their task.

A journey map is a visualization of the process that a person goes through in order to complete a task.
Customer journey map diagram
Customer journey mapping an onboarding flow
solution & impact
Based on the insights gathered from the two workshops, we created wireframes that better addressed people’s latent health-care related needs. Here’s what the client had to say about us:

Nurture truly thinks through big picture connections and the user experience, helping our team think through scenarios and perspectives that we hadn’t considered ourselves but ended up being very important.
Solutions illustration
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