problem discovery
How might we improve people’s online learning experience?
We conducted two rounds of user testing to find areas of improvement in the learner experience.

Findings from the first round directly impacted the type of content that was subsequently created. The second round was conducted to measure the content’s effectiveness.
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ilmX is a learning platform designed to provide individuals and businesses with knowledge & skills.

ilmX launched their flagship product 
‘Workplace Essentials’ to revolutionize how compliance trainings are conducted in organizations across Pakistan.

We conducted moderated & unmoderated user 
testing to find areas we can tweak to deliver 
a better user experience.
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moderated testing
This is sometimes called ‘lab testing’. The participant is asked to ‘think out loud’ so the observer can record what the participant is seeing, thinking, feeling and doing.

Because the participants know they’re being observed, we can’t accurately measure user behaviors. However, this type of testing is very useful in getting immediate feedback, spotting patterns and rapidly adjusting the product.
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Moderated Testing Report looks like this
unmoderated testing
This technique relies on observing recordings of people’s screens as they attempt tasks. Instructions are given to participants to attempt the tasks in their own time so as to mimic their natural setting.

This type of testing is done with a large set of users, and while user identifying information isn’t collected, we are able to see ‘heatmaps’.

These tell us how users are interacting with the product and what changes we need to make to help them complete their tasks more effectively.
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Unmoderated testing illustration
Unmoderated Testing Report looks like this
solution & impact
We ran moderated tests to find out that participants expressed more delight and showed better concept retention with video content rather than text-based content.

We ran unmoderated tests to find out that while participants were engaging with video content, they struggled with platform navigation, which we promptly fixed.

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