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How might we increase the ease of use of an enterprise software?
We conducted a UX Audit to find and fix usability issues in the enterprise software, Hirestream.

By reimagining Hirestream as a collaboration tool rather than just as an applicant-tracking software, we were able to delight power and novice users alike.
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Like other great products, Hirestream was created because of an organization’s unmet needs. While there were other ATSs in the market, none was fit to adequately address the ever changing hiring needs of a large and expanding organization.

People who had prior knowledge of hiring processes at the organization loved Hirestream, but newer users struggled to get the hang of it. We were asked to find why this was happening.
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ux audit
A user-experience audit is a way to find the less-than-ideal areas of digital products.

We use empirical methods like heuristic evaluation, compliance with UX Standards, usability testing, and any other which the particular project demands.

A report is generated at the end which highlights all issues within the scope of the audit, & 
suggests improvements based on project findings and UX best practices.
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At Nurture, we know that the user experience of a product is never far removed from the experiences of people who create the product. Particularly, their experience of working together.

This understanding really helped us out in this project as we got the opportunity to work closely with the product team while conducting the audit.

We used Atlassian’s Team Health Monitor to identify a few areas in which the team can improve, and also create better user experiences for their customers.
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solution & impact
The report from the UX Audit and Team Health Monitor provided the Hirestream team with prescriptive changes to the interface, suggestions for UX improvements, and ways to improve their overall feature discovery & delivery process.

One such suggestion was imagining Hirestream as a collaboration tool rather than just an applicant-tracking software. By doing so, the team began seeing how everything they created was a way of helping people work better together.
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