problem discovery
How might we make it easier for Bykea customers to send money?
We conducted usability tests to find out where people were getting confused in the process of sending money.

Alongside some edits to copy, we changed the order of tasks.

This resulted in considerably less confusion and lowered the drop-off rate at the top of the funnel.
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We started with a usability heuristic analysis and generated a few hypotheses for the high drop-off rate at the top of the funnel. 

After the client helped us understand a few personas, we recruited matching participants and conducted usability tests.

The qualitative insights from these tests provided much-needed context to quantitative data we were keeping a close eye on.
Research illustration
Affinity Mapping diagram
Research Synthesis via Affinity Mapping
Insights illustration
Users were curious about how the money would actually be transferred. This curiosity was not being adequately addressed by the existing user journey.
Users were being asked to enter information they could only access by going to another app. This ‘distraction’ caused many users to not return to complete the task they’d set out to accomplish.
User Journey diagram
Proposed User Journey
Based on the above insights, we:

Changed copy to frame user choices in a way that adequately described how the money would be transferred.

Changed the order of information that was being asked. We started by asking users to enter the information they already had. We also showed them how they could accomplish their original task with just this information, or if they chose to, they could add additional information that might cause them to leave the app.
Solutions illustration
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