process redesign
How might we increase the quality of feedback from the organization’s clients?
We redesigned the bi-annual NPS survey to get the feedback the organization needed to improve its existing and new relationships with clients.

The redesigned survey resulted in a better response rate, and a better NPS score.
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Arbisoft, as an organization, believes in continuous improvement through feedback. This feedback was collected from bi-annual NPS surveys sent to its clients. This survey consisted of a NPS scale, and multiple open-text fields for feedback.

These open-text fields were optional, which meant that most of the time, they came back empty, or with responses with no actionable feedback.
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We started by conducting interviews with a few clients who had filled out the previous survey. We found that most of them had a difficult time filling the open-text fields as they couldn’t recall many instances that had happened.

We then interviewed the C-suite at Arbisoft about their experience of the received feedback. From these interviews, we were able to extract a few particular areas the organization wanted to improve on: Communication, Dependability, and Skillset.

Through secondary research, we were able to break down each area into particular and recognizable behaviors.
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Comparison between the NPS forms (left: old, right: new)
solutions & impact
The redesigned survey was based on the principle of 
‘recognition over recall’.

Rather than asking the client to write in open-text fields, this survey presented the client with options and asked them to choose the one that most closely captured their experience with the organization.

These options were also only presented if the client thought that Arbisoft needed to improve in any particular area.

This survey reduced the overall time it took for clients to complete it, boosted the number of responses and the NPS score itself.
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